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Turck’s new encoder means that the user no longer has to make acompromise between resolution and rugged design. All the measuresrequired to protect encoders from mechanical stress usingsprings or double bearings are no longer necessary. Apart fromthe interference immunity and wear-free design of the system,the user also benefits from the universal parametrization concept
The mounting concept also keeps this universal approach: Adapterrings make it possible for the user to fit the positioning element toshafts of different diameters. He only has to keep a single encoderin stock which he can use for all applications on shafts up to 20mm in diameter.


Larco Industrial Safety Mat System offers unparalleled durability and versatility for your machine safeguarding needs. Impact resilient, abrasion resistant, and totally submersible, Larco industrial mats set the industry standard for reliability and durability in the harshest industrial environments.
Larco safety mats are available in a black or yellow. Custom colors are available for an additional charge. Larco offers over 50 standard size mats. Custom sizes, notches, angles, and shapes are available providing you with unlimited options for your application needs.


The Safety Laser Scanner is an electro-sensitive device for the protection of operators against the risk of accidents caused by industrial machines and plants with potentially dangerous moving parts and against possible collisions with Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV).
Using the Safety Laser Sensor, precise programmable horizontal protected areas of variable shape can be created (i. e. semi-circular, rectangular or segmented), suitable for all applications with no need of a separate reflective or receiving element.
It is also possible to use the Laser Scanner in a vertical position for the access protection to a dangerous area, in that case detection of the edge of the gate is mandatory.


Safety switches for the packaging and food industries are often exposed to harsh conditions. Aggressive cleaning agents, acidic liquids and high-pressure cleaning devices can wear out parts faster and shorten the safety switch replacement interval. This is expensive and time consuming for the company operating the machine.
EUCHNER therefore relies on robust, tough and largely media-resistant stainless steel for guard locking devices used in such applications. Critical components such as plugs, cover screws and guide bushes, etc., consist of high-quality stainless steel in the new CTP variant.

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