the automotive industry has used RFID solutions, mainly for the identification of their vehicle body transport systems. Thanks to improved technology and the automotive knowledge of the RFID specialist Turck, the industry today considers equipping every single vehicle body and component with data carriers, to benefit from a continuous identification and quality control through the whole production process.

One of the main advantages of RFID: The user can read the authenticity features and also rewrite them to a data carrier. Data carriers (also known as tags) accompany the part through the whole production cycle or quality test; relevant data is written automatically onto the tag and read at the end of the production cycle. Together, with the finished product, there is also a quality management protocol available that shows all production steps of the product, as well as the quality test.
Another benefit of RFID technology is that the information transfer by electromagnetically radio waves is less susceptible to environmental influences. While the externally applied, printed bar codes become unusable through high temperatures, dirt or moisture, the special RFID data carriers and robust scanners allow the use of RFID systems under very rough conditions or through nontransparent media.