The detection of temperature is one of the most important tasks in the processing and manufacturing industries. In addition to known factors such as accuracy or repeatability, the interfaces to the process and to the operator are also very important criteria. The new TS400 and TS500 series temperature sensors from TURCK set new standards in this area.

The new temperature sensors of the TS400/500 provide a formidable level of operational safety even in harsh manufacturing environments due to their robust stainless steel housings, the high level of EMC immunity and IP67 degree of protection
The sensors offer decisive calculable benefits owing to their extremely fl exible mounting options, user-friendliness and the high degrees of accuracy.
The new temperature sensor has a whole range of application possibilities due to its high level of fl exibility. Almost all demands can be covered with just a few devices. This provides a maximum of planning fl exibility with a minimum of mounting effort and expense