In order to guarantee smooth operation and consistent quality, many processes require constant in and outflow of liquid or gaseous media. Flow sensors measure the speed and flow meters measure continuously the volume per time unit relative to the defined pipe cross-section. Flow measurement requires high repeatability and accuracy. TURCK sensors apply different methods for electronic measurement of flow rates, such as the calorimetric, the magnetic-inductive as well as the Vortex principle.

TURCK flow meters indicate the flow rate via display and via an analog current output. The output signal can either be analog or binary, depending on whether continuous flow or a limit value is to be monitored. The programmable devices are characterized by a long service life and are thus almost maintenance-free.
The Unique Sensor Chip of the FM-200 allows for flow sensing in both directions. The unit utilizes two temperature sensors, one on each side of a heater element, to determine the heat distribution. This concept provides accurate detection, regardless of flow direction. The FM-200 Series is a bi-directional digital flow sensor for use with air or Nitrogen gas. It offers high precision detection in an ultra small package