The contactless encoders Ri360P-QR24 and Ri360P-QR20 make no compromises in terms of ruggedness and resolution and are suited to all those applications where rotation speeds, sense, position, angle and lengths have to be captured. These series are wear-free and will withstand even the harshest environmental conditions. Our range provides encoders in a wide variety of designs, graduated in a range of sizes from 24 mm up to 102 mm diameter, as versions for incremental or absolute position detection.

The new measuring process is a completely contactless and wear-free system. Important characteristics such as accuracy, linearity and sealing are thus retained for the entire lifespan of the sensor and guarantee perfect sensor operation at any time.
The encoder independently monitors its operational readiness and indicates this with a green LED. It warns the user of any impending signal loss between the sensor and positioning element via the yellow LED. Faults are indicated via the red LED. The operational status of the sensor is thus easily determined at any time.