Troax's panels and posts are tested along with the bracket systems and certified to withstand impacts from 309 joules up to 2,000 joules. They are made of high quality steel using an automated production process, which ensures a high and consistent product quality.

The panels as well as the posts can be customised to create the desired dimensions. Posts can be made to order, while panels are either ordered in the desired size from the factory or customised on site using different customisation kits. Panels and posts of all standard sized and colours are kept in stock for quick delivery from our warehouse in Hillerstorp, Sweden. The panels' standard colours are grey or black powder paint. Posts are available in black, yellow or grey powder paint. If you prefer another colour, the delivery time is around 1-2 weeks. We also stock hot-dip galvanised mesh panels and posts suitable for humid and wet environments. For extreme environments with high hygiene requirements or a need for acid-resistant stainless steel, we can offer stainless steel panels and posts with a delivery time of around 2 weeks.