Interface module for safety light curtains EOS4 A, EOS2 A, Admiral AD, Admiral AX BK, Vision V. Includes self-testing solid state safety outputs. Interface module for safety light curtains EOS4, EOS2, Admiral, Vision (any resolution and heights), safet laser scanner Pharo.

AD SR0 and AD SR0A modules can only be connected to safety sensors equipped with feedback input for monitoring external relays (EDM). With guided-contact safety relays, 2 NO + 1 NC (AD SR0) or 2 NO contacts (AD SR0A). Additional N.C. contact line for the monitoring by light curtain (EDM). Interface relay modules for safety light curtains with feedback input for EDM, such as EOS4X, Admiral AX, EOS2 X, Vision VX/VXL/MXL and Janus. These AD SR0 and AD SR0A modules are passive so they can be assimilated to the wiring. The electrical safety is ensured by the UL mark of the safety relays with forcibly guided contacts inside the product. The two forcibly guided safety relays integrated in this product are DOLD (type OA 5643 or OA 5644) certified by TUEV Rheinland.