UNICONT series is the universally scalable process value indicator of NIVELCO for current loops, most of them without the need for power supply.Depending on their installation there are two different types of them: 1. Plug-in display with connection according to the standard DIN 43650, 2. Field indicator for installation on wall or mounting plate

PLK-501 plug in display can be connected to the 2-wire transmitters with its DIN 43650 socket, such as NIPRESS pressure/level gauge and MicroTREK radar level transmitter. The UNICONT PLK-501 has 4 digit LED display and both ordinary and ATEX certified versions are available.
The UNICONT PDF- units are digital, field process indicators with 6 digit LCD display as well as transmitters, converting analogue current to HART signal. They are suitable for the use in hazardous areas in their ATEX certified EEx ia and EEx d versions. Models with HART converter require power supply.