Mounted on suitable connection flanges located on the side of the tank the liquid level in the bypass tube and the tank is equal. The welded bypass chamber that is the body of the indicator and the tank form one pressurized system. In the bypass tube a magnetic float tracks the level of the liquid. The polarized magnet in the float operates the magnetic flaps mounted outside of the tube. As the float moves up and down it flips the bi-coloured magnetic flaps thus giving an optical display of the actual level.

The lower 100mm of the scale has different colouring, an optical error signal in case providing for the float is damaged or the liquid level drops below the lower connection point of the instrument. NIVOFLIP can be equipped with optional limit switches or with Nivelco's Nivotrack high precision magnetostrictive level transmitter if level transmission is needed. All optional units are operated via magnetic coupling, there is no direct contact with the measured medium.