As a Universal Process Controller provides for a flexible solution for commissioning a process control system consisting of any HART-based intelligent (level, temperature or pressure) transmitters. Onboard logging capable versions of MultiCONT are able to store measurement values and three additional parameters of the connected transmitters in a measurement system into the internal FLASH memory or an SD memory card. The two modes, time-controlled and event-controlled logging modes can be used simultaneously.

Monitoring the average, minimum and maximum value or highest values of the flow can be used only for NIVELCO manufactured transmitters used in flow-metering mode. Content of the internal memory is retrievable through USB port, within the capacity of 65000 entries. Maximal capacity of the applicable SD card is 2 GB. RS 485 capable versions of MultiCONT are able to communicate with NIVELCO’s NIVISION process visualization software to indicate parameters of a process control system graphically on a process controller PC.he process, the measured values or any further processed values can be visualized also in tabular form with NIVISION. The NIVISION performs data logging, trend monitoring, database handling and various other tasks in addition to a basic visualization.