Delta PLCs offer a broad range of controllers and modules which all feature high performance, multiple functions and efficient program editing tools. In addition to the user-friendly programming software and faster execution speed, we also provide complete industry-focused solutions, motion control solutions, and industrial fieldbus solutions with Delta's new PLC series. We integrate our PLCs with industrial automation products to deliver total solutions for various field applications.

High-end model of the DVP-S Series with larger program capacities and data registers for more demanding and complex applications. The delta SV2 PLC offers Excellent Motion Control and Complete Program Protection.
Auto backup function prevents program and data loss even when the battery runs out.
Secondary backup function saves an extra copy of programs and data to enhance program safety.
Up to 4 levels of password protection protects your source programs and intellectual property.
Various motion control instructions to achieve high-speed and high-precision positioning control for labeling machines, packaging machines, printing machines and more applications.