Current-limiting HRCII-C fuses designed to withstand inrush currents on typical motor start-ups while offering high current limitation in the short-circuit region. HRCI-J bolt-on, ceramic body fast-acting fuses are industrial duty fuses with the excellent current-limiting characteristics of fast-acting HRCI-J fuses to limit damage to equipment and installations from the thermal and magnetic energy associated with a large short-circuit current.

Ceramic body, center blade two-hole bolt-on low voltage fuses that comply with general purpose gG characteristics and available up to 400 amps with two hole mount and up to 1250 amps with four hole mount.
DIN 000 to 4 Class: gG/gL DIN square bodied, dual indication industrial fuses with voltage conducting metal gripping lugs. They are made of a steatite insulator, corrosion-proof (aluminum) metal parts with full-contact and silver-plated copper blades. All NHG fuses feature a selectivity ratio: 1:1.6 up to 500 Vac.