High speed fuses protect sensitive devices and power semiconductors from short-circuits, and are specifically designed to minimize the I2t, peak let-through current and arc voltage. Our new Bussmann series compact high speed fuses protect compact drives, power conversion and UPS equipment. These 50-400 amp fuses require up to 48% less enclosure space when compared with traditional high speed, round body fuses without compromising heat rise performance.

Bussmann series full range DFJ high speed, current-limiting fuses provide overload and short-circuit protection for variable speed drives and electric controllers, and meet NEC ® branch circuit protection requirements. The DFJ drive fuse has the lowest I2t of any UL branch circuit fuse in the industry to protect power semiconductor devices that utilize diodes, GTOs, SCRs and SSRs.
British style fuses are typically found in equipment manufactured in the United Kingdom or British Commonwealth countries. However, North American manufacturers have begun to specify British style fuses particularly in UPS applications at 240V or less to take advantage of their size, performance and cost benefits.