Thee self-contained vision sensors perform automated inspections that previously required costly and complex vision systems. Brings the simplicity of a photoelectric sensor and the intelligence of a vision sensor together to provide inspection solutions that can be applied and supported right on the factory floor.

To verify that the expected number of holes exist on a small metal part that is not rigidly fixed, use an iVu Series sensor configured for an Area with Motion application. When holes are punched, the sensor evaluates all the holes to make sure that they are present and correctly sized. If any are not, the sensor sends a fail output to the line where the part is rejected.
Banner Engineering’s SLM series slot sensor, along with the iVu TG image sensor with Integrated Display, can be utilized to detect the passing bottles and match an image to the one printed on the bottle. During the labeling process a SLM series slot sensor is used to consistently identify each bottle as it passes by the sensor. At this point, the slot sensor will trigger the iVu vision system to verify that the codes have been printed onto the bottles. The SLM series slot sensor is easy to use and is self-contained and rugged, with a 50-microsecond response time.