Banner Engineering has a wide variety of sensors to solve challenging problems all over the world. New and innovative technology in photoelectrics, laser distance measurement, ultrasonics, and fiber optics work to solve almost any industrial automation application. Industrial automation sensors are part of a consistently expanding market with new technologies and advancements creating unique and highly effective solutions to almost any challenge or application. Sensors benefit a wide variety of industries, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical, automotive, material handling, and small electronic and semiconductor assembly, amongst many others.

Banner Engineering’s sensor technology includes photoelectrics, ultrasonic, arrays, radar, and many other forms of no-touch sensor components. They measure temperature, distance, presence and absence, and many other variables.
Banner Engineering’s wide variety of sensor options improves customers’ efficiency, accuracy, and throughput leading to increased customer satisfaction, boost revenue, overall better performance and work environments. Sensors streamline processes that could ordinarily be complicated, cumbersome, or dangerous. Using automated sensor technology assist with error proofing, safety, counting, monitoring, and a wide variety of other process control tasks.
With more than 50 years of experience, Banner Engineering is globally recognized leader in the industrial automation field and employs many experts to assist in finding the correct type of sensor depending on each company’s needs.