Our ABB PSE range is the perfect compromise between size and functionality. With torque control, it is the perfect option for smaller sized pump applications. Softstarters from ABB offer multiple values and benefits. Whether you are a consultant, OEM, panel builder or end-user, softstarters will add to your business value by securing motor reliability, improving installation efficiency and increasing application productivity

ABB softstarters help increase your motor’s lifetime by protecting it from electrical stress. Starting currents are easily optimized to your load, application and motor size. Over ten motor protection features are included to keep your motor safe from different load and network irregularities.
Reduce your installation time and panel size by having all the features you need built into your softstarter. Our softstarters are easy to install thanks to their compact design and many built-in features. The built-in bypass saves energy and space while reducing heat generation, a complete motor starting solution in one unit.
Reduce the number of stops in your production by allowing your softstarter to do more than just starting. Our softstarters reduce the mechanical stress on your motor application, which will increase your uptime. Torque control, pump cleaning, motor brake and many other features enable you to operate your process at its full potential.