ABB AC Drive ASC55 Ensure speed and control features in a variety of your low power applications such as automatic gate, solar trackers, treadmills and whirlpool baths. ACS55 is easy to set up and commission, the design focus of the ACS55 is on easy integration into machines, with flexible mounting alternatives. The DriveConfig kit option allows set up without a power connection to the drive. It’s also ready to go for commercial and domestic environments.

The DriveConfig kit is a PC tool for programming and control of ACS55 drives that need more functionality. The kit enables parameter setting and software updating without the need for a power connection. The drives can even remain in their delivery boxes during configuration which means no need for a safe area.
The DriveConfig kit features online drive control and monitoring of up to four signals simultaneously. Together with the ACS55 drives series, the DriveConfig kit helps save time by ensuring fast setup, accurate parameter settings and reliable operation.