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Our focus and our systematic approach are to promote the use of energy and to maintain the process and installation technology in buildings and industry. Various objectives such as investments, operating costs, cost efficiency and energy efficiency are examined and evaluated. This in turn leads to an optimal implementation strategy. Save energy, reduce overheads, increase efficiency, safety and quality of service. Enjoy the benefit of an integrated approach in the field of optimal usage of electrical energy. Our methodology is to gather and share knowledge, to bring our expertise and solutions based on actual facts and data. Kudamm Save Power searches and integrates innovative technologies for the most efficient use of electrical energy now and in the future.


Delta HES Series

Delta's Hybrid Energy Saving (HES) System provides precise pressure and flow controls for each injection molding process and also solves the energy waste issues of a traditional injection molding machine. This solution helps to improve product quality, market competitiveness and productivity.

Superior Energy-Saving Outcomes: Lower energy consumption rate at the clamping and cooling stage while providing high productivity and high precision. 40% less energy consumption compared to a variable pump hydraulic systems. 60% less energy consumption compared to a traditional quantitative pump hydraulic system.

Low Oil Temperature: Oil temperature reduced by 5~10 oC; oil usage reduced by 50~60%; requires 50% less oil tank volume; lower cooler specifications required and for some cases cooler is not required.

High Duplication Accuracy: Precise flow and pressure control featuring duplication of products with less than 0.09% difference.

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You base your business on efficiency and performance. You know that everything counts to make you more competitive. Our drives are made with all this in mind, empowering productivity and efficiency. They provide flexibility to help you optimize your processes and control, and reliable for less downtime. You also get premium service and expertise, anywhere on the globe.

Motors consume about 28% of the world’s electricity. Drives offer an energy efficient option by working alongside a motor to control its speed based on current load, instead of running the motor continuously on full speed. This makes VSDs a key component of enabling energy efficiency and improving productivity. Only about 10% of all motors are equipped with a VSD, which presents a significant saving opportunity especially in applications such as pumps, fans and compressors.

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