Services have been our USP always.  We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a group of qualified and experience engineers involved in providing technical services for all products we represent for last 25 years. Presently we are offering services under following categories.

  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Phone Support
  • Repair  and After Sale Service
  • Retrofits
  • Training
  • Identifying Areas of Energy Savings


Installation & Commissioning

We dispatch a team of skilled professionals for Installation and Commissioning of all the products we represent.  Our highly skilled Field Service Engineers perform a wide range of work, from basic commissioning  to attending after hours,  emergency breakdowns.


Phone Support

 A 24 hour "On Call" technical support system is just a phone call away.  Our service team can be contacted on following numbers for any support on VFDs, PLC, MMI, Automation panel, Vision Sensors. After taking some basic details on phone our engineers can guide whether the site needs to be attended or the product needs to be sent to our office for further diagnosis/repair. If visit is required the same can be organized at a reasonable cost.

  • AC drives: 09873100980, 09873100983, 09873100984, 09582227808
  • DC drives: 09582227808, 09873100980, 09873077797
  • PLC& HMI: 09873100980, 09873100984, 09582227808
  • Servo: 09953598997, 09811297671, 09873100980
  • Vision: 09899040089, 09811297671
  • Wireless Products: 09873100982


Repair & After Sale Service

We have also established a separate repairing and after sales service division to support our post sales activity. An independent division which also caters the requirement of those customers who are using very Old or Obsolete series of VFD & PLC or any other automation products. We undertake such activities on Repairing/Annual Maintenance Contract for the specific product or system.

Contact: 09951366619


Machine Retrofitting and Reconditioning Services

We offer market leading PLC, HMI, Servo based control solutions that can replace older low productivity systems that can cause service headaches, produce poor quality parts and rob your company of profits.

Kudamm has been providing retrofits to older PLC, Servo, DC drive, AC drive systems and providing users with upgraded machines that reduce machine downtime, produce high quality parts and increase profits. Call us to discuss how Kudamm can upgrade your current machine. We can also sign you up for newsletter on applications that will keep you updated on the latest offerings from Kudamm.

Contact: 09582227808, 09873077797