PSR — 1.5KW to 55KW

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The PSR softstarter is the most compact of all the softstarter ranges, thereby making it possible to design compact starting equipments. The system concept with Manual Motor Starters and the PSR provides a far more compact starting solution than for instance a star delta starter. Built-in by-pass reduces the energy loss and makes the connection easier and with only three potentiometers, the set-up couldn’t be any easier. Still, the optimized ramping characteristics will ensure a very smooth start and stop for all applications.


  • Wide rated operational voltage 208-600 V & current 3-105 A
  • Rated control supply voltage 24 V DC or 100 - 240 V AC
  • Wide ambient temperature range, -25 to +60 ºC (-13 to 140 ºF)
  • Built-in by-pass on all sizes, saving energy and installation time
  • Potentiometer settings & Run signal relay on all devices
  • TOR signal relay on PSR25 to PSR105
  • Optional fieldbus communication using Profibus, Modbus, Devicenet or CANopen
  • DIN rail mounting on PSR3 to PSR45
  • Screw mounting on all sizes
  • Connection kits for easy connection with manual motor starters
  • Sophisticated algorithm eliminating the DC-component and thereby providing excellent starting performance.