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Efficient PSE Range Soft starter The latest addition to the ABB softstarter family is the efficient PSE range. This softstarter has been equipped with all the most important features making it a very efficient choice. The PSE softstarter range is the world’s first compact softstar¬ters with Torque Control. This makes the PSE range an excel¬lent choice for pumping application where water hammering normally is a big problem. With its compact design and ad¬vanced functionality, the PSE is also a very efficient solution for other common applications such as compressors and fans. Torque control The most important function when stopping pumps is torque control. Since the PSE softstarter is optimized for controlling pumps, this feature is a must.


  • Wide rated operational voltage 208-600 VAC & current 18 to 370 A
  • Wide rated control supply voltage 100-250 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Coated circuit boards for reliable operation in harsh environment
  • User friendly HMI with illuminated language neutral display and four button keypad
  • Optional external keypad, IP66
  • Torque control for excellent control of pumps
  • Current limit, adjustable between 1.5-7 x Ie
  • Motor overload protection with classes 10A, 10, 20 and 30
  • Motor underload protection to detect pumps running dry
  • Locked rotor protection, detecting jammed pumps
  • Kick start to start jammed pumps or conveyor belts
  • Analog output showing operational current, 4-20 mA