Fuse Holder

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Agency Information: UL File E14853
Guide IZLT Listed, IZLT2 Recognized
CSA: File 47235, CHPV and CHM - Class 6225-30, CHCC - Class 6225-01
600V/30A (UL)
690V/32A (IEC)
Wire Range:
#18 to #4 (0.8mm2 to 21.1mm2)
Torque Ratings:
30 Lb-In (3.4 N•m) maximum
Flammability Ratings:
UL 94V0, self-extinguishing
Storage & Operating Temperature Range:
-20ºC to +90ºC (indicating) 
-20ºC to +120ºC (non-indicating)




  • Easy color coding for use: yellow for PV, red for IEC, and black for UL applications
  • Finger-safe, high SCCR rated, Class CC and midget holders with indicator options. Also for Class J and IEC size fuses
  • Agency ratings up to 1000Vdc for use with solar PV fuses
  • Available remote PLC indication with the CH-PLC module
  • Rated for use with 75ºC or 90ºC wire, fine stranded wire, spade terminals and with comb-bus bars. Use any higher temperature rated wire with appropriate derating.
  • Complete range of UL Listed and high SCCR rated 1-phase and 3-phase finger-safe comb-bus bars and power feed lugs