Bs 88 high speed fuses

About products: 

British style fuses are typically found in equipment 
manufactured in the United Kingdom or British
Commonwealth countries. However, North American 
manufacturers have begun to specify British style fuses —
particularly in UPS applications at 240V or less — to take
advantage of their size, performance and cost benefits.




  • Dimensions: See dimensions illustrations.
  • Ratings:

            Volts: — 240Vac/150Vdc
            Amps: — 6-900A
           IR: — 200kA RMS Sym.

  • Voltage Rating

            All Cooper Bussmann British style fuses are tested to IEC
           269: Part 4. This standard requires a test voltage which is 5%
           higher than the rated voltage. In North America, fuses are
           required to clear only their rated voltage.