Why & where should I use a Wireless system?

If you are facing any of the following problems, this is the time for you to go with the most reliable wireless
technology, offered by Banner Engineering:
1. Wire damage due to articulating or rotating motion
2. Troubleshooting or replacement of a cable or wire consuming lots of time
3. Heavy downtime of machine/production line due to cable replacement
4. Heavy cost of material and manpower due to running of cables at long distance
5. Difficulty in installation of cables due to natural as well as man designed constructions
like road, canals, bridge, property owned by another owner, …
6. Cable cutting due to rat biting, heavy vehicle, aging effect
7. Cabling of new machinery in a plant which is already running with full capacity
8. Manual interference is not allowed for data collection in a plant like poultry, drugs and
pharmaceuticals, food industry, …
9. Difficulty in monitoring the system parameters which are installed in hazardous area
like Oil & Gas, CNG/LPG bottling plants, chemical plants, ...
10. Applications where installation and commissioning is time-consuming
If you are interested to conduct trials at your end please feel free to call us.
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