What's the difference between the DVP10MC and the DVPCOPM-SL?

The DVP10MC is a CANopen motion controller and the DVPCOPM-SL is a CANopen master communication module. Both support protocols. The DVP10MC has built-in motion control and PLC functions which adopt the method of CANopen bus to achieve multi-axis motion control. It also supports general extension functions which are the same as the Delta Slim Type extension modules on the left and the PLC on the right. Some default data exchange areas are reserved for data transfer when conducting motion control and program control. 
2. Generate E-CAM data from DTO instructions. 

The CAM chart draws the curves from point-to-point or via functions. 
The DTO instructions automatically create flying shear curves. Users can set relevant parameters and operation requirements for the actual structure of the flying shear. E-CAM curves that meet these requirements can then be created and utilized.

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