What is the difference between AC59 and AC61 or RA59 and RA61 types?

Both types are encoder versions with stainless-steel housings.

  • The "61" types are fitted with a solid, rugged stainless‐steel cover connected to the stainless‐steel flange. Standard cable fittings are made of nickel‐plated brass.
    => This design allows complex encoder versions, such as absolute encoders with bus covers and types that require protected access to the interior of the encoders, (e.g. dip switches).
  • The "59" types include a deep‐drawn stainless‐steel cover with a crimped stainless‐steel flange connection. Standard cable fittings are made of PVC.
    => This design is generally less expensive (although offering reduced variety of encoder versions): incremental encoders with cable connections, absolute encoders with cable connection and sealed cover (e.g. singleturn parallel, SSI or Interbus‐S).
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